After the long wait, we can now finally say the Trailer has arrived!! 🙂

A MASSIVE thank you to all our cast, crew, locations, indiegogo supports alike without you we wouldnt have a trailer or a film.

We hope you enjoy it!


So today marks 15 years since the first Max Payne video game was released 🙂 A HUGE congratulations to Sam Lake and Remedy Entertainment for such amazing continued success!

So to celebrate we thought we would launch our FIRST OFFICIAL Max Payne Retribution Teaser Trailer 🙂

We hope you like it and it gives you a first glimpse into the dark world that is Max Payne’s turbulent life.





SO for all the non Max Payne Fans out there 23rd July 2001 marks the date that Max Payne had its first release, which makes it 15 years old this year! We cannot believe it, and still such an amazing game and success!

In true Retribution style we wan to celebrate Sam Lake, Remedy Entertainment, 3D Realms, Gathering of Developers and of course Max Payne’s huge success and birthday with a release of some BRAND NEW UNSEEN CONTENT on the 23rd July 2016!!

We will be release 2 new visual treats for you so keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook and Twitter!


” To make any kind of sense of it I need to go back three years, back to the night the pain started” ~ Max Payne


Hello Payners,

So this is a little late but I wanted to show you the pictures anyway!

Last month we were able to get a panel Q&A on the Vidfest Stage at the London MCM Comic Con which was amazing! We talked through the productions behind the scenes and met lots of fans 🙂

Hopefully by the October MCM Comic Con we will be able to show the official trailer with the film launch slightly later!

A big thanks to Joan James Muixi and Jon Campling for coming to the panel.

Stay tuned!

Payne Team x

Hey Payners!

Just wanted to keep you updated and let you all know….. that we have WRAPPED filming for Max Payne Retribution!!

We cannot believe it, after 5 months of filming, late nights, early mornings and long weekends we have done it 🙂

Now for the bigger job of post production and bringing you an awesome trailer and official poster!

Stay Tuned 🙂


So as announced yesterday the Max Payne Retribution team are coming to the MCM Comic Con in London on Friday 27th May!

We will be hosting a Q&A and panel discussion on the “making of” the film at 12:00 on the VidFest Stage.

Come meet the Director, Producer and of course the very talented Joan James Muixi who plays MAX PAYNE.

Come visit us, get a selfie and find out  all the latest news 🙂



We are willing to suffer, to die for the things we care about. For love, for the right choices. Because of her, I had solved the case. My case, all of it. Who I am. ‪#‎maxpayne‬



Character Posters Revealed

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So its been a little while since our last post as we have started filming already! Which has come round so quick!

However we can now release to you the Character Posters for all our amazing main actors!


Happy 2016!

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Hello everyone- and a big Happy New Year to all of you!

I havent posted on here in a while with the whirlwind of the INDIEGOGO Campaign, and then Christmas!

So its 2016, and despite us not reaching our crowdfunding target we are gearing up to shoot in just under 3 weeks! Where there is a will there is ALWAYS a way- and we are not letting anyone down on this film.

So keep a lookout for more cast announcements and Behind the Scenes stills to come very soon!


Hey Fans!

So our crowdfunding campaign is going well thanks to alot of generous contributors so far!

But we still need your help!

Check out some of the perks  below to get you involved in the Max Payne Retribution World. 🙂

Oh and Happy Halloween for Yesterday!

£5 Angel £15 Hard boiled

£25 Dead on Arrival