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Hello Payners,

So this is a little late but I wanted to show you the pictures anyway!

Last month we were able to get a panel Q&A on the Vidfest Stage at the London MCM Comic Con which was amazing! We talked through the productions behind the scenes and met lots of fans 🙂

Hopefully by the October MCM Comic Con we will be able to show the official trailer with the film launch slightly later!

A big thanks to Joan James Muixi and Jon Campling for coming to the panel.

Stay tuned!

Payne Team x


We are willing to suffer, to die for the things we care about. For love, for the right choices. Because of her, I had solved the case. My case, all of it. Who I am. ‪#‎maxpayne‬



Hey Fans!

So our crowdfunding campaign is going well thanks to alot of generous contributors so far!

But we still need your help!

Check out some of the perks  below to get you involved in the Max Payne Retribution World. 🙂

Oh and Happy Halloween for Yesterday!

£5 Angel £15 Hard boiled

£25 Dead on Arrival

We launched our INDIEGOGO  Crowdfunding campaign on 17th October, with all of your help we can bring our vision to life!

Join the journey and become an Official Payner HERE :

We hope you enjoy this darker teaser trailer 🙂



So after keeping Mr Jon Campling a secret for a few months, we have now announced him to the Max Payne fans! He is indeed our first cast member to join the Max Payne Retribution team!

And a huge thanks to #vervemagazine a local magazine in Kent- who did a lovely write up on us in the September issue.

Enjoy Fans!


Hello fellow Max Payne Fans

We thought you may enjoy some teaser images to wet your appetite for the style of the fan film. We will be releasing some more in the next couple of weeks!

We hope you enjoy and keep playing the games!


IMG_4848payne IMG_4956payne

Good Afternoon Max Payne Fans!

After a really busy few months I am happy to say we are progressing at a RAPID pace! The pre production is coming along so well, and its very exciting!

This month we hope to begin casting for alot of the main roles, and we hope to announce some big news soon to you all.

We want to thank all the Max Payne Fans for their dedication and support so far, and we look forward to giving you some more news and imagery soon!

#payneiscoming  so keep calm!

The Max Payne Team


Another big thank you to the No 1 Fansite for Max Payne, recognised by Rockstar Games!

Enjoy Fans


Payne Write up

Big thanks to the Rockstar Games approved fansite Payne Reactor for this write up 🙂