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SO for all the non Max Payne Fans out there 23rd July 2001 marks the date that Max Payne had its first release, which makes it 15 years old this year! We cannot believe it, and still such an amazing game and success!

In true Retribution style we wan to celebrate Sam Lake, Remedy Entertainment, 3D Realms, Gathering of Developers and of course Max Payne’s huge success and birthday with a release of some BRAND NEW UNSEEN CONTENT on the 23rd July 2016!!

We will be release 2 new visual treats for you so keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook and Twitter!


” To make any kind of sense of it I need to go back three years, back to the night the pain started” ~ Max Payne



So today is the day we launch our first official “Character Teaser Trailer” based on the character….. Jack Lupino 🙂

Enjoy, and only watch if your not scared of the darker side of things 🙂

We hope you enjoy this darker teaser trailer 🙂



So after keeping Mr Jon Campling a secret for a few months, we have now announced him to the Max Payne fans! He is indeed our first cast member to join the Max Payne Retribution team!

And a huge thanks to #vervemagazine a local magazine in Kent- who did a lovely write up on us in the September issue.

Enjoy Fans!


Hello fellow Max Payne Fans

We thought you may enjoy some teaser images to wet your appetite for the style of the fan film. We will be releasing some more in the next couple of weeks!

We hope you enjoy and keep playing the games!


IMG_4848payne IMG_4956payne

Good Morning Max Payne Retribution Fans!

A little write up we found on us on GamrRage in France, which is so amazing to know we have fans already outside of the UK!

Take a little look at their page 🙂 

Gamrage French Write Up

We so LOVE recieving fan art for Max Payne, it just reminds us just how many avid fans of the Video Game there is!

This is exactly why we want to make “Max Payne Retribution” as myself and the Director are huge fans of the Game and the artwork that went into creating the graphic novel, and we want to celebrate it with everyone.

Things are progressing nicely, and we will be able to release some great news soon on the film.

So if you are a 3D or 2D Artist we would love to see some fan art from Max Payne, and we will post it on all of our social media sites.

Simply send an email to  with your name and details.

Below is some art created by Payne Reactor

Speak soon!

Max Payne Retribution Team

Good Afternoon Max Payne Fans!

After a really busy few months I am happy to say we are progressing at a RAPID pace! The pre production is coming along so well, and its very exciting!

This month we hope to begin casting for alot of the main roles, and we hope to announce some big news soon to you all.

We want to thank all the Max Payne Fans for their dedication and support so far, and we look forward to giving you some more news and imagery soon!

#payneiscoming  so keep calm!

The Max Payne Team


Good Afternoon Payne Fans!

To celebrate our 500 Facebook Likes, here is a new teaser poster 🙂

Do you recognize these Quotes from the games Max Payne 1 and The Fall of Max Payne?

#payneiscoming Writing Posterv4

Big thanks to the Rockstar Games approved fansite Payne Reactor for this write up 🙂