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So today marks 15 years since the first Max Payne video game was released ­čÖé A HUGE congratulations to Sam Lake and Remedy Entertainment for such amazing continued success!

So to celebrate we thought we would launch our FIRST OFFICIAL Max Payne Retribution Teaser Trailer ­čÖé

We hope you like it and it gives you a first glimpse into the dark world that is Max Payne’s turbulent life.






SO for all the non Max Payne Fans out there 23rd July 2001 marks the date that Max Payne had its first release, which makes it 15 years old this year! We cannot believe it, and still such an amazing game and success!

In true Retribution style we wan to┬ácelebrate Sam Lake, Remedy Entertainment, 3D Realms, Gathering of Developers and of course Max Payne’s huge success and birthday with a┬árelease of some BRAND NEW UNSEEN CONTENT on the 23rd July 2016!!

We will be release 2 new visual treats for you so keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook and Twitter!


” To make any kind of sense of it I need to go back three years, back to the night the pain started” ~ Max Payne